Ask Holly

Ask Holly How To Change A Tire

Q. Dear Holly, how do you change a tire? A. Here’s what ya do: make sure EVERY time you go out, your legs are shaved, properly tanned, wearing a short skirt and your best spiked heals… when you get a flat tire, pull over, get out of the car and show some leg until a ‘gracious’ stranger comes to your rescue and changes the tire for you. Fellas- I understand this may seem awkward at first- but TRUST ME- you’ll thank me the next time you have a flat. I didn’t say my advice was tried OR true. It’s just really GOOD advice....

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Ask Holly About Diet Tips For Losing Baby Weight

Q. Dear Holly, do you have any diet tips for getting back to pre-pregnancy weight? A. About half way into labor- just when the pain is really ratcheting up a bit- send out for some chocolate ice cream, or other decadent treat of your choice. When the pain gets so bad you ralph it up- you’re not gonna want to have that again for months, if not years. Voila! One step closer to more easily taking off the baby weight!...

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Ask Holly About Going Green

Q. Dear Holly, how can I “go green”? A. A lot of going green is about conserving energy- right? So I say mandatory napping. Daily....

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Ask Holly How To Get Rich Quick

Q. Dear Holly, how do you get rich quick? A. This is OBVIOUSLY something I have the corner on the market on. HELLLOOOO- have you seen my sick new Prius? What ya do is this… invite a friend to dinner, bring an old credit card that isn’t functional, offer to pick up the tab, act shocked the card won’t work, graciously accept when the friend picks up the tab and swear you grabbed up the wrong card by “accident”. Rinse (yourself of your shame) and repeat- soon you’ll be rolling in money- but unfortunately your friends will be broke. And what would I do when this friend has paid for dinner and I feel like ice cream? Ah- yes- find a Discover card- even if it works- THEN, invite your friend to somewhere that DOES NOT accept Discover- again- offer to pay- and when the sales boy says they don’t take Discover- act shocked and appalled and apologize profusely....

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Ask Holly About How To Get Over A Broken Heart

Q. Dear Holly, how do you get over a broken heart? A. My advice… Be hot. Ooooh… and chocolate!!! Now, that’s good advice!! My friend April suggests ‘deep, intense pain for the “heart breaker” seems like a good idea…a lot less calories.’ I’m not saying giving the “heart breaker” a beat down is good advice. I’m just saying that could burn off the calories from the...

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Ask Holly About Proper Nutrition When Exercising

Q. Dear Holly, could you suggest some proper nutrition when working out? A. I just learned the value of eating properly on days when you do killer workouts. Unfortunately, I learned that by nearly revisiting my grease ball dinner while lunging my way to hotness. So, here you get the benefit of my experience: do not consume a combination of pizza and sushi prior to an intense...

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